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Buying works of art

VISITS TO THE GALLERY are only possible by prior arrangement.
Information: +421 905 659 148 or +421 2 5263 4664

Attend the auction of fine arts by Art Invest.

Art Invest Quality auctioning of a wide and varied selection of works is guaranteed by a long tradition of our gallery activities and lasting trust of our clients from around the world. Prices are determined by a clear and transparent method based on market offer and demand.
Art Invest invites you to participate in its auctions. Active participation in the auction has very simple rules and auctions are open to every visitor.

What we offer

One week prior each auction, you can thoroughly get familiar with each auctioned item. They are exhibited in Art Invest Art Gallery at Dobrovičova No.7 in Bratislava (near Šafárikovo square). Each item is numbered and accompanied by a detailed description in the auction catalog or an external expert certificate made by Slovak and foreign experts.

The price reached at the auction:

The specificication of buying at auction is that you specify the price you are willing to pay for a given item. In your calculations, you always have to add the 19% premium to the price you bid at the auction. This premium is a fee for participation in the auction; the new owner of the work will thus pay the auction company for arranging the sale and costs related to the auction.

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